Significance of Backlinks in SEO

The most effective way to increase SEO ranking and organic traffic is quality content and high authoritative backlinks. But in the process of building links is really important to be cautious. Because Google algorithm is smart to understand the links you create whether they are paid links are natural links

Following the ethical way to link building is of utmost importance. Rather than buying backlinks follow the more natural way of collecting backlinks such as guest blogging, social media sharing, and press releases. It’s high time for site owners who are using shading link building tactics to improve their site backlink profiles.

To quickly boost the ranking for certain keyword website owners implement unethical ways of SEO by generating thousands of backlinks in the hope to get a higher ranking. But after the BERT algorithm updates, Google is emphasizing more on naturally generated backlinks rather than tool generated links.

Are backlinks still worthy of SEO?

Undoubtedly backlinks have a huge impact on SEO and most importantly when we are talking about the top 3 rankings in Google. The search engine algorithm considers every backlink to a site as a vote or recommendation because of the quality content and information at the target site.

If other sites are willing to connect with the source then it means that the information is going to be helpful for the reader. Backlinks are like confidence transfer between one site to another making a helpful parameter for Google to rank them.

Google has removed the previous parameter of Domain rating but still, the entity developed by Moz which is Domain authority is highly popular in the SEO realm. Earning good backlinks can get you higher Domain authority which is somehow good for the site traffic and ranking.

How to Get Backlinks Easily

Guest Posting

It is a practice where the website owner contributes free content to other sites or blog owners in exchange for textual backlinks. These backlinks can be found in the author’s description or the body section of the content. Sometimes the business owner has no idea how to do guest posting, then they approach a company like Atechnocrat for their guest posting services needs to have good quality backlinks from high DA blogs.

Broken Link Building

It is more of an etiquette method to get a backlink. While surfing to other sites if you come across any broken link, connect with the site owner and help them understand the disadvantage of a broken link on their site, and in return ask for a backlink to your website.

Steal competitor backlink

If you want to overcome your completion in the keyword ranking then it’s really important to get a similar or better backlink profile than that of the competitor. Do backlink analysis of competitors find out their backlink resource and create a similar link from those particular sites for your business site.

Business Listing

If you want to attract more local businesses or you want your website to rank on local search keywords then the business listing is a great way to do so. While submitting a business listing, you will be receiving a link back to your homepage which will eventually increase your link count.

Social Media Mentions

Some think that social media posting doesn’t give any advantage to the website, but it is not true. Every social media mentions keep the site active on the network. Maybe they are not direct backlinks to the website, but indirectly they are good for creating awareness.


Every year SEO trends change but some things remain the same, similarly, the need for backlinks is still there if you want a good ranking. Getting link building services India is a great way to outsource your backlink works to a trustworthy agency. Because you cannot limit yourself just to good content your site needs backlinks and that to powerful and high authoritative. Implement the right link building tactics that will be really rank booster for your site.

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