Split AC vs. Window AC – Which one is best for Your Room?

If you are wondering whether split AC or Window AC is good for your home, you’ve landed at the right place. It is completely up to your needs. Split AC complements modern design of home and consumes less power. But Window AC is considered to be the best choice for many people. 

Window AC

These types of air conditioners are mounted on the wall and are the best choice for small rooms with windows. Maintenance costs are affordable and they are very budget-friendly. Usually, they come in one unit. The front is placed inside and the back is placed outside the window. 

Split AC

It is mounted on the wall and is usually recommended for large rooms due to high cooling capacity. They don’t need windows to install and they have a compressor and condenser. It has the compressor at the outdoor unit and evaporator in the indoor unit. 

Split vs. Window AC


Split AC is available in different patterns and colors to change the overall look of the room. On the other side, window AC is limited to a single color. You need to call the experts to install the split AC and installation is charged extra. Split AC is not a good choice for apartments as they are not portable. On the other side, you can easily install window ACs as they don’t need extra charges. In addition, they are easy to move.  


Split AC has higher cooling power and is usually built for larger rooms. On the other side, window AC is compact and is the best choice for your small rooms. 


If you are buying split AC, also consider the installation cost along with the actual price. It also costs higher than window AC. If you want to install an AC for your bedroom, you can go for window AC as no additional charges are incurred. In addition, split AC is a good choice for larger spaces like the living room. 

Conclusion  Both air conditioners are efficient enough for cooling. You should consider the pros and cons of both varieties. The budget is the main deciding factor here. If you don’t have enough budget, window AC could be your choice. If you are looking for AC to match the interior of your home, you can go for split AC.

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